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No job too big or small

The expert team at J.W. Field Companies has professionally handled West-Hickory Haven, LaFontaine, Highland Corners, and Prestwick Village, which are four of the most complex and complicated septic jobs in Oakland County Michigan.

Refer to the EPA Homeowner Guide below to understand how to take care of your septic system.


EPA Homeowner Guide

•  Drainfield Rejuvenation

•  Effluent Filter Installation

•  Maintenance Agreements

•  PVC Baffle Installation

•  Septic Repairs

•  New Septic Installation

•  Septic Tank Pumping-Cleaning

•  Septic Tank Riser and Lid Installation

• Drainfield Replacement



•  Condition of Lid

•  Depth of Lid

•  Inlet Baffle

•  Outlet Baffle

•  Scum Blanket Depth

•  Sewage Over Drain Field

•  Size of Opening

•  Sludge Depth

•  Water Flow from House

•  Water Run Back From Field

10 point system inspection

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