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Level the playing field

When your land is truly unbalanced and needs leveling out, we offer grading services to help ensure your property is ready to build on. When it comes to future construction plans, your dream home, or business, you can't settle for any less than that perfect foundation if it's to last.

You can depend on our highly-skilled professionals for any excavation project you have in mind. Our fully equipped qualified team provides top-quality workmanship on all jobs

Skilled excavation team

"I am a small builder and for years had trouble finding a reliable, trustworthy excavator.  I have now worked with J.W. Field on five different projects and each time they have exceeded my expectations.  In my experience, this company is unmatched in the industry in terms of follow through, commitment to customer satisfaction, and care and concern for the environment. They go out of their way to avoid surprises and help control costs."


Ian Mailing

Prize Properties L.L.C.

•  Backfills

•  Basements

•  Demolition

•  Grading

•  Perk Test

Excavation services

•  Ponds

•  Roads and Driveways

•  Sewer and Water

•  Site Work

•  Storm Drains

•  Trucking

Licensed and insured which is required by the state of Michigan.

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Residential and commercial properties

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